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Professional graphic design for small business

A little about us


We are a Melbourne based graphic design and web design company
that provides affordable design services to small business.

We understand how hard it is for small business to find professional graphic design at an affordable price. We believe that every business needs to look
the part. We believe good design will make a positive impact to the performance of any business.

DesignStation offers a complete end-to-end graphic design service that produces great looking professional designs that is extremely affordable. We provide package solutions that can be customised for your needs and budget. You can create, price and order your design package online, anytime and get started. You only pay for what you need.

It all began...

DesignStation was created by Andrew Rooney who is director of Me, Myself & I Design firm. After running a design company for over 10 years and creating brands and marketing for large companies Andrew wanted to make ‘top-shelf’ design available to small business as well. He set about developing a system that could provide small business a great design service.

We differentiate ourselves by the value added service we provide in terms of not only just designing great work but also by providing guidance and advice on brand related questions that our clients might have. We have established an open communication system where all clients can reach us to talk. We work hard to ensure that all communication with us is prompt, professional and helpful.

We'd love to hear from you.

We would appreciate any comments you may have on our service. We hope to maintain excellence 100% of the time.
After all, that's what you should expect when you pay.

Call us on 03 9696-7908 or send an email.

Our mission is to
go beyond just creating designs. We want to help our clients create brands.
We place an emphasis on the quality of design. Not just quantity.

Work with us


DesignStation is always looking for brilliant designers to join us.
A job at DesignStation means you'll be working in an amazing team with tons of work to do.

We want passionate, hard working, talented individuals that get things done and always push themselves to get better.
If you would like to work with us, send us your CV.

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